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J-dag tradition

Christmas Cheers, “skål”. On November 5 is the annual J-dag (English: J-Day) being celebrated. It is the day where Tuborg’s classic Christmas Brew, Julebryg, is released. It will definitely get you into the Holiday spirit. The beer was released for the first time in 1981, and in 1990 the first commercial J-Day was held. The beer becomes available on the first Friday of November at 8:59 PM. The Christmas beer is brewed especially for the Christmas season, and it is only available during the Christmas months. 

It is probably no surprise to anyone that beer plays a big role in Danish Christmas traditions, and J-Day has become one of the biggest nights for going out to bars and discos. You will even see people wearing blue Christmas hats on that night. The Christmas beer is also enjoyed during traditional julefrokost, which is a lunch meal full of traditional Christmas lunch food, Christmas beer, and snaps. 

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