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Local Election 2021

Local and regional elections are held every fourth year. The next election of members to local and regional councils will be held on Tuesday, 16 November 2021. Influence the future and development of Aarhus by casting your vote in the local election! 

Many internationals are able to vote at the local election. If you are eligible to vote, you will automatically receive a poll card (valgkort) approx. Five days before elections day. If you are not able to vote on November 16., it is possible to vote prior to the election day. Voting in advance in Denmark is referred to as “at brevstemme”.  

You can read more about whether you are eligible to vote, where and how to vote both on the election day and before, who the candidates are, and everything relevant concerning the election at: Still find it confusing? Don’t worry on the website you can find videos explaining everything you need to know. 

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