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Autumn Holiday or Potato School Holiday?

The autumn holiday break is coming up, which for a lot of people means family time, chestnut animals, pumpkins, and a week full of fun activities. But older generations know this time as the potato holiday, which was linked to cold potatoes, soil under the nails and long working days. The harvest took place during autumn, and children stayed home from school to help out from time to time. It was difficult to create proper lectures since the children were gone at different times. So, in 1899 it was determinded that the official potato school holiday should be in October week 42. Today, different sorts of potatoes are consumed, and they are harvested during the summer. Because of this the potato holiday has become autumn holiday break (efterårsferien), which is more about having fun and during activities than working in the fields.  

You can enjoy special events for both adults and children, and museums throughout the country are making special activities, games and exhibitions during the autumn holiday break.  

On Friday in week 41 the annual sports day for schools are held – the last day before the holiday. The activities vary from school to school, but the purpose is to create a fun day filled with happiness, sport, and a sense of community. 

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