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The migration from NemID to MitID starts in the beginning of October.  

Before the transition, a message will be sent to those of you who have not been sufficiently identified when NemID was issued to you.

Sadly, though, Digitaliseringsstyrrelsen does not seem to have taken into account that this group of people in all likelihood consists of a rather large proportion of internationals, because they cannot identify themselves with a Danish passport.   

This means that until Digitaliseringsstyrelsen finds another solution, some of you cannot use the NemID app but must use the NemID code card instead. 

If there is a need for support, you should contact Digitaliseringsstyrelsen at:

When the transition to MitID starts, those who have a NetBank agreement will be informed by their bank on how to handle the transition. If you do not have a NetBank agreement, you should do the transition yourself at

While the transition is going on, many will experience that they will have to use MitID for their bank and NemID for any other purpose – e.g., Digital post, signing online, etc.

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