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Update on Corona restrictions & Voluntary vaccination scheme

The Danish political parties reached an agreement on the further relaxation of the current Corona restrictions. Here is an overview: 

  • As of Friday 11 June: Bars and restaurants will be allowed to stay open until midnight. The same rules apply to shops, so you will be able to buy groceries and alcohol in your local kiosk until midnight. You no longer have to show a Corona Pass in libraries and clubs & associations. The limit for number of spectators in Parken at the UEFA European championship is raised to 25,000.
  • As of Monday 14 June: You are no longer required to wear a face mask, with the exception of public transport (when standing up). Schools, educational institutions and daycare facilities can return to some kind of normal activities. 
  • As of Thursday 1 July: The indoor assembly ban will be increased to 250 people. A negative PCR-test will be valid for 96 hours or 4 days compared to 72 hours today.
  • As of Thursday 15 July: Opening hours in bars and restaurants will be extended until 2.00 at night. 
  • As of Sunday 1 August: The Corona Pass is no longer necessary in theatres, music venues, indoor sports activities and large number of other places.
  • As of Wednesday 1 September: Nightclubs and discos can open again without any closing restrictions. You will have to show your Corona Pass though. We can wave goodbye to face masks, also in public transport. You no longer need the show a Corona Pass at the hairdresser or in the gym.
  • As of Friday 1 October: The Corona Pass is totally phased out.

If there is a worrying increase in infection or a rapid spread of new worrying virus variants, then reopening phases will be postponed or restrictions will be reintroduced.


Vaccination - Voluntary Scheme

The authorities have established a voluntary scheme where you can choose whether you want the vaccine from AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson. Vaccination will be free and it is expected that the voluntary scheme will start soon. To find out more visit the private company Practio's website to sign-up for the voluntary scheme. 

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