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New app - Corona Pass

New app Corona pass 

Apart from the app the government has now introduced a new and more user-friendly app for the corona pass 

The app, you can download coronapas where you usually download your apps. 

Further info on 

The control of the corona pass is relaxed, so it is possible for voluntary associations and libraries to carry out one daily spot checks. This does not mean that you will not be needing the corona pass anymore though, only that the control of it will be relaxed! 


Vaccination - Voluntary Scheme 

The authorities have established a voluntary scheme where you can choose whether you want the vaccine from AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson. Vaccination will be free, and it is expected that the voluntary scheme will start soon. To find out more visit the private company Practio’s website to sign-up for the voluntary scheme.  

Vaccination – Official Scheme 

All citizens residing legally in Denmark are entitled to the COVID-19 vaccination. You will receive a letter in your e-boks with details on when you are up for vaccination and how to proceed with booking an appointment. Being a healthy person under 50 you can expect to be notified in May or June. Please, do not contact your GP, as he/she is not responsible for the vaccination program. Now it is expected that all citizens in Denmark will be vaccinated by 18 July. 

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