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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

This year, the European Song Contest is held in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam on May 22 at 9:00 PM. The contest was held for the first time back in 1956 with the participation of seven European countries. Since then it has grown to include countries outside of Europe as well, such as Australia and Israel. Last year the contest was concelled due to covid-19, which makes this year the 65th time.

For many years, the participating singers were made to compete with songs in their own language due to the "language rule". However, since abolishing the rule back in 1999 most songs are now sung in English.  

Denmark participated for the first time back in 1957, and has since won the competion three times: in 1963 with the song "Dansevise", in 2000 with the song "Fly on the Wings of Love" and last in 2013 when Emmelie de Forrest won with song the "Only Teardrops". 

You can hear the first Danish winner song "Dansevise" performed by Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann back in 1963 here.

Read more about this years finals here. 

Read more about the history of the Eurovision Song Contest here. 

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