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May 1 – Labour Day

The 1st of May is International Workers Day, also known as Labour Day, and for many Danes the day is associated with traditions, songs and waving the red flags. This year, though, the events commonly associated with Labour Day are cancelled due to the pandemic.

Although the day is not an official holiday, many private companies give their employees the entire or half a day off. Check with your employer.

But what is this day all about, and how do the Danes mark it? The day is all about the rights of the employees, and dates back to  the 1890’s and the Danish traditions of social solidarity and strong labour unions have helped the tradition survive throughout the years. There is no such thing as a 1st of May in Denmark without numerous speeches from the labor unions, and politicians often grab the chance of addressing the many people showing up for the day.

Read more about Labour Day in Denmark here.

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