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Faster re-opening of society

The re-opening of society will happen faster than first agreed upon. In the wee hours of 15 April an new agreement was reached. Here are the details:

The assembly ban limits for private gatherings will increase in 5 phases:

  • Phase 1 – as of 21 April: 10 people indoor, 50 outdoor.
  • Phase 2 – as of 6 May: 25 indoor, 75 outdoor.
  • Phase 3 – as of 21 May: 50 indoor, 100 outdoor.
  • Phase 4 – as of 11 June: 100 indoor, no longer an upper limit outdoor.
  • Phase 5 – as of 1 August: complete removal of the assembly ban for private gatherings.

Children, youngsters and education

  • Attendance is increased to 80% for graduating pupils in elementary school and pupils in juvenile and adult educations. This is valid for the entire country with the exception of the capital region.
  • Vocational educations can fully reopen. This is valid for the entire country with the exception of the capital region.
  • 5th-8th grade pupils continue with 50% attendance. However, they can have classes outdoor during the weeks where they can’t access indoor education.
  • Students at higher educations can now have a 30% attendance and outdoor areas can be used for educational purposes. This is valid for the entire country with the exception of the capital region.

Restaurants, bars and cafés

As of 21 April restaurants, bars and cafés can open their doors again.

  • Outdoor service does not require a corona passport
  • Indoor service requires a corona passport. Remember to pre-book your table!
  • Last rounds at 22.00 and closing time from 23.00 until 5.00 the next morning

Sports and Culture

  • All professional football matches can have spectators again. You will also need a corona passport. The stadium needs clearly divided sections with no more than 500 spectators in each. All spectators will be registered in case of infection tracking if the need arises.
  • Children and youngster under 18 can join their association activities, music- and cultural schools, as well as other art schools again. (with the exeption of singing) There is an assembly limit of 25.
  • Children and youngsters under 18 can take part in organised indoor sports again. No corona passport is needed. There is an assembly limit of 25, including adults participating to ensure the safety of the activities.
  • Fitness centres will only open for people above 70 with a limit of 10 participants. A corona passport is required.
  • Museums and libraries will open again. A corona passport is required.
  • Shopping centres above 15.000 square meters can open fully.

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