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Relaxation of travel restrictions

Politial parties have reached an agreement for opening the way for Danish citizens to travel on summer holidays again, and foreign tourists to come to Denmark. The relaxation of travel restrictions will happen in 4 phases.

The weekly travel guides from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs return and will be based on the infection situation in the individual countries and regions. At the same time, more lenient rules are being introduced for business travelers, and the list of persons with "recognizable purposes" for entry is being expanded. Local developments in infection rates and new worrying mutations will determine whether regions and countries are marked with a yellow, orange or red warning color.

The dates for the individual phases are preliminary. Before each reopening phase, the health authorities make an assessment before the next phase enters into force.

Phase 1 as of 21 April 2021

The whole world is no longer colored "red". Instead, risk assessment is introduced, which is based on the infection situation in a given country / region. A weekly update is introduced for all countries.

Persons traveling from yellow countries and regions are exempt from isolation requirements.
Business travelers no longer need to isolate themselves upon return to Denmark.
Danes who have a cottage in the Nordic countries can travel there without the need for isolation upon return to Denmark.
The group of having a worthy purpose is extended. Folk high school and after-school students, exchange students, agricultural trainees, spouses, permanent cohabitants or children of a Dane who lives abroad and travels together, and holiday home owners, boat owners, or people who have a permanent place, can travel into Denmark.
Professional athletes can participate in tournaments abroad.

Phase 2 as of 1 May 2021

Fully vaccinated Danes and tourists, from yellow and orange EU and Schengen countries can travel in and out of Denmark without the need for testing and isolation. This will not apply to red countries.
The requirement to be able to present a negative test upon entry is relaxed, so that the test must have been performed 48 hours before entry (against the now 24 hours).

Phase 3 expected as of 14 May 2021

Phase 3 is to take effect when citizens over the age of 50 have been vaccinated with the first shot.
The incidence limit for closing / opening yellow and orange zones is raised from the previous 20/30 to 50/60 infected per 100,000 citizens per week.
For yellow countries, there will be no requirement for worthy purposes or isolation.
For orange countries, there will be no requirement for worthy purposes for foreigners residing in EU and Schengen countries.
Persons, including tourists entering from the border area with Germany, are exempt from isolation requirements.

Phase 4 expected as of 26 June 2021

Phase 4 will be in effect when the EU corona passport is introduced. With an EU corona passport you can have a summer holiday in Europe, and tourists with a corona passport can have a holiday in Denmark.
Continued testing requirements for persons entering from orange countries solely on the basis of negative testing.
For people traveling without a corona passport, travel restrictions and infection prevention measures will continue to apply.

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