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Update on Corona restrictions

The further relaxation of restrictions in schools continuesAs of 14 March 5th to 8th grade will have class outdoors at school 1 day a week, 9th and 10th grade will have 50-50 online/at school education, efterskoler (independent residential school) are reopenedgraduates of upper secondary will have 50-50 online/at school education, all other students of the upper secondary level will have class outdoors at school 1 day a weekadult education graduates will have 50-50 online/at school education, all other adult education students will continue with online classesYour child’s educational institution will inform you of the details. Info from the Ministry of Education here (in Danish).

The Government is working on a re-opening plan anaims at presenting this within 2 weeks. The plan should give citizenscompanies and cultural institutions an answer as to when the rest of society can reopen. 

All the current restrictions are still in effectFurther info on  


If you go to work on a regular basis, you are advised to undergo a weekly COVID-19 test. For further info on testing 


All citizens residing legally in Denmark are entitled to the COVID-19 vaccination. You will receive a letter in your e-boks with details on when you are up for vaccination and how to proceed with booking an appointmentBeing a healthy person under 50 you can expect to be notified in May or June. Please, do not contact your GP, as he/she is not responsible for the vaccination program. At the moment it is expected that all citizens in Denmark will be vaccinated by 18 July. 

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