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New Corona restrictions

The Danish Government has rasied the country's risk level to 5, being the highest possible level. The new mutation of the Covid-19 version is highly contagious entailing a potential risk of a break-down of the healthcare secor, especially hospitals. 

The current restrictions ensure the delay of the spread of the mutated virus. The more the spread can be delayed, the better hospitals can take care of patients and the more citizens will be able to get vaccinated. 

In her new year's adress Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen emphasized that January and February will be the hardest months ahead of us. She also emphasized that you schould brace yourself as the current restrictions might be prolongued beyond 17 January and/or tightened.

It is strongly advised: 

  • To stay at home as much as possible 
  • Limit social contactto max 5 people
  • Gather no more than 5 people
  • Cancel all unnecessary appointments 
  • Keep a 2 meter social distance 
  • Work from home if possible 

!!! Please observe that daycare and kindergarten (ages 0-6) will remain open !!!


Just to remind you - the restrictions until 17 January are: 

  • All shopping centres, malls, retail shops and department stores will be closed 
  • All non-essential liberal professions such as hairdressers, driving schools, massage, tattoo, parlours etc. will be closed  
  • Only supermarkets, pharmacies, dentists and other essential healthcare services remain open 
  • All cafés, bars, nightclubs and restaurants are closed - take-away is still possible


  • All schools and after school care (SFO and Club) will be closed 
  • Pupils will be taught online


  • All non-critical operations and checks-ups will be postponed. 
  • Your GP is still available and life threatening situations will be treated of course 
  • If an operation or check-ups is cancelled, you will be informed by digital post 


Further info on:  

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