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Santa's secret

Come to the Christmas show with theater Aktanten. When it's Christmas, there are many secrets. Santa is busy, but he does not want to tell the curious troll kid what he's doing. He's just saying it's a secret.

Santa lives in the woods and he's busy. He is having a Christmas party. Out in the woods also lives a little troll kid and he is very curious. He wants to know what Santa is so busy with and what she should use the milk, spruce and gift for. But Santa just says it's a secret !! But the little troll kid just MUST know that, and sneaks into Santa's cabin to look at all the secrets while Santa's not home. The story is told with small dolls by Mariane Siem, who also invites the audience to have a little fun with Christmas songs after the story. And finally, all children get the picture book "Santa's Secret" to take home as a Christmas present.


6 December from 10.00-10.30


Price: Free of charge

Location: Lystrup Bibliotek, Bystævnet 4 B, 8520 Lystrup

Phone: +45 8940 9200


For further information, please read more here




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