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Feel nature

Experience peace and presence in contact with nature in late autumn. Activate the senses - Strengthen health. On this trip, there is time and space to experience the many depths of nature, lower stress levels and recharge for everyday life again.

You are guided to activate and sharpen the senses through small exercises. We walk a few kilometers at a leisurely pace, sitting for periods at quiet places in selected places. The trip takes place in small groups. I bring coffee and tea if anyone wants a cup when the trip ends. The trip is based on theories about how the brain and body recover in nature. Biologically, we are coded to relax in nature. Our modern everyday life in urban environments with all that it entails of streams of information erodes our mental resources. Most of us drive in high gear where we often do not notice the body's signals.


17 November from 10.00-12.00

Price: 150 kr.

Location: Parkeringspladsen at Put and Take sø, Pindsmøllevej 35, 8362 Hørning

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