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The INTL Aarhus Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to see another perspective of this town! Whether you're a newcomer or have grown up here, all the games, challenges and riddles we've prepared will have you experiencing Aarhus in a new and different way!

What do you say, wanna give it a shot?
In order to sign up, please complete the following form by clicking here.

Step 1: sign up using the form below. We are making teams of 2-6

Step 2: Today’s the day! Make sure your phone is fully charged and to bring a jacket as you’ll be outside exploring the city. Also, we require all participants to have masks and to wear them according to the newest regulations. We want everyone to have a great time and to feel safe while doing so.

Step 3: Head over to your meeting point. This is where your city’s SoMe Ambassador will be waiting to greet you. If you’re having any issues locating them- send us a message on Instagram @theinternationaldenmark and we’ll help you right away.
Step 4: Elect a team captain who will be in charge of posting the challenges on Instagram with the following hashtags: This is how we will see your progression and that you’ve completed the challenges.
Step 5: Come up with the name for your team send us a photo with all your teammates and let us know what you’ve come up with!
Step 6: Your SoMe Ambassador will go over how the hunt works and provide you with a sheet with all of your clues.
Step 7: Once you reach your first destination, message us on instagram to receive your challenge!
Step 8: Repeat step 7 until you’ve solved all the clues and completed all the challenges! Now it’s time to head back to your meeting point!
We will do a social spotlight on each of you as an international . This is informal and fun but a great way to get to know our community and a chance for you to share a little about your experience here in Denmark!
31 October from 12.00-14.00
Price: Free of charge
Phone: +45 42 40 76 24

Due to the newest announced restrictions, instead of the hunt being an opportunity to meet new people and socialize, we've pivoted the focus to be a safe and fun outdoor activity for your current own circle (friends or family)! As always, we follow the Danish Governments guidelines dealing with Covid-19, and as such all participants will be required to wear masks when indoors or close proximity of one another. Let's have some fun while taking care of one another! See you soon!

For further information, please read more here






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