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Easter Traditions

Easter is upon us and for many this is usually a time that is full of traditions. However, this year is of course going to be quite different. The country is in lockdown because of the coronavirus, which means that we have to skip the big easter get-togethers, but we can still celebrate Easter in a safe way. We encounrage everyone to follow the government's initiatives, and find a way to be together while being apart. For example, you can do a virtual easter party with your friends, send your friends or family a 'gækkebrev' or do an indoor easter egg hunt!

The påskefrokost, or Easter lunch, is a must for most Danes. It means getting together with family or friends for a huge feast that lasts most of day and is a mixture of lunch and dinner (or even breakfast). The host often serves herrings, shrimps, salmon, eggs and several other goodies. The traditional Danish feast is considered incomplete without enjoying a snaps and a cold Danish Easter brew, `påskebryg´. Families put emphasis on decorating the table with daffodils, yellow and purple napkins and candle lights.
As mentioned earlier, we are of course restricted this year, so invite you friends, colleagues or neighbors to a virtual Easter Lunch or do a small one with the peole you live with!

Where’s the Easter Bunny?
Easter is all about the Eggs, so people hide eggs filled with candy for the kids to find. The eggs can be hidden in your garden or in the park if you are going for a walk. The most important thing is to give clues about the Easter bunny’s whereabouts. This can be a fun activity to do indoors as well, now that we are all restricted by the coronavirus lockdown. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can always do your Easter egg hunt indoors! For example, you can buy smaller chocolate eggs that are easier to hide in all the little corners of your house. Let the hunt begin!  

Egg Rolling
Many Danish families are keeping this tradition alive. You hard boil some eggs and decorate them with different colors and images. Each member of the family can paint their own personalized eggs. And here comes the competition! People go to different parks or areas with hills, so you can throw your eggs as long as possible without breaking them.  The person who’s egg is still intact after throwing it will win the competition. You have to find the perfect balance between so it does not break completely but still reaches a long distance. Once again, this is an activity you can also do at home if you have a garden. 


- Happy Easter from the International Community team

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