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Plan your Easter

Next week the Easter holidays begin, and it is a good idea to plan ahead. Therefore we have gathered a few tips for planning your easter in Denmark. 

The days leading up to the Easter holidays are usually some of the busiest days of the year becaue many supermarkets are usually closed during the holidays. However, this year due to the coronavirus, many Salling Group (Føtex, Bilka and Netto) and Coop (SuperBrugsen, Kvickly, Fakta etc.) supermarkets are extraordinarily open during the Easter holidays. This year the supermarkets will be open on Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. This is to try to prevent crowding in the supermarkets, and they encourage everyone to still follow the safety initiatives when going food shopping. You can always check the opening hours of your local supermarket online.   

Read more about the opening hours during Easter here.

Making a gækkebrev (or several) is a standard activity for Danish children or childish adults. The idea is to design a letter in the basic shape of a snowflake that includes a rhyming riddle and a snowdrop. The letter will not be signed by your names, but instead you’ll put one dot for every letter in your name. Recipients then have to guess who sent them the letter. If they guess right, the sender has to give them a chocolate egg. If they don't guess the sender's identity, then the recipient has to give the egg. 

Find inspiration for making your own gækkebrev here

Make your own sweet gale schnapps
Sweet gale (or myrica gale) is in season and therefore now is the perfect time to try and make your own sweet gale schnapps! Sweet gale schnapps is one of the most popular flavoured schnappses in Denmark and Scandinavia. It only has to steep for about a week, so you can make it just in time for Easter. 

Here is all you need to make your own sweet gale schnapps:
1 bottle of neutral (non-flavoured) schnapps or vodka
1 handful of sweet gale 
1 teaspoon of sugar 

How to:
1. Put the sweet gale in a bottle or a big glass jar with a lid. Pour over the schnapps or vodka and add the sugar. 
2. Shake well to combine and put it somewhere dark to steep. Let it steep for 1-2 weeks depending on when you have to use it. 
3. Taste the schnapps once in a while, and when you think it's perfect you sieve out the sweet gale.
4. Now you have your own sweet gale schnapps! 

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