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COVID-19 related news

The Danish government has implemented a series of initiatives against the COVID-19 virus, also known as the Corona virus, in Denmark. We have gathered the most crucial information for you below and will keep you updated.

Latest news

All the news below is still valid. To make it easier to get an overview of the latest news, we have put it here. The news in this section was added on April 2.

SKAT - Tax: The deadline for changing your tax assessment notice or filing your tax return has been postponed to 1 September 2020. Read more here.

Childcare: Aarhus Municipality will offer extended childcare for those working in critical positions over Easter. You can apply for critical childcare if you are in need of childcare both day and evening on April 4 and 5 and the Easter days. Contact Pladsanvisning directlly on Pladsanvisningen. Read more here.

Official website

Information from the Danish authorities about corona virus/covid-19 in Denmark can be found here

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also offers information in English, here

On March 20 you will receive a letter from the Health Authorities in your e-boks. The letter is in Danish and has information on COVID-19. You can find information in English by using the link in the letter, which will direct you the Health Authorities' official website.

News in English

You can find links to new in English here

Official Registration Offices

International Citizen Service (ICS) and all other official registration offices under the Ministry of Immigration are closed until further notice. As a newly arrived international you will not be able to register your entry into Denmark officially and you will not be able to get your CPR-number.

Once the offices open again, you will be able to register retrospectively and thereby be covered from the date of your arrival.

If you don’t have a CPR-number yet, it is of the utmost importance that you have private healthcare insurance until you are able to register. Internationals without a CPR-number will be able to see a doctor, but without CPR registration you will have to pay for the treatment. When you get your CPR number, you can file for a refund of fees paid.

You can find further information on International Citizen Service offices and when they will open again for registration here.

Healthcare - GP and Hospitals

In Denmark the healthcare system is fully prepared to deal with COVID-19 patients. Compared to many other countries Denmark has the lowest amount of hospital beds, however the country has the highest number of medical doctors. So you are in highly qualified hands.

In Denmark your General Practitioner (GP) is your point of entry to the healthcare system. In these times contact your GP by phone first. You can find your GP’s phone number on your yellow health insurance card. Be prepared: have your CPR number ready, take your temperature and describe your symptoms precise and clear. Your GP will advise you on what to do.

In case of emergency you can contact the emergency service (vagtlægen) from 16.00 to 8.00 on weekdays and during the weekend. In the Region of Central Jutland the contact number is (+45) 7011 3131.

Please, we urge you not to self-medicate or stop taking medication without consulting your GP!

All non life threatening operations and treatments are cancelled at the moment. If you have appointments within the healthcare sector, keep an eye on your e-mail and e-boks, as these might be cancelled. This is done to ensure that the healthcare sector has the necessary capacity to treat COVID-19 patients.

There is a no-visit policy in all hospitals. Nobody is allowed inside for visiting patients. The only exception is a close relative to a critical ill patient. This is a measure to avoid possible contamination of patients and visitors.

Healthcare - Dentists

All dentists will only provide treatment in case of emergency. General check-ups and treatments that are not critical will not be performed. Contact your dentist by phone first to consult whether you need critical treatment or not.

Healthcare - Pharmacies

All pharmacies remain open. If you suspect that you have contracted the COVID-19 virus, contact your GP first and do not go to the pharmacy. This to avoid potentially spreading the virus. At pharmacies you can only get prescription medicine that corresponds with your normal use. This to avoid panic buying leading to a shortage of certain medicines for others. Over the counter medicine is also limited to one packet per person.

As of March 23 paracetamol for children (suppository and orodispersible tablets of 125 mg and 250 mg) will be only available at pharmacies. If you need fluid paracetamol, you need a prescription. You can contact your GP by phone or online service to get the prescription.


Due to the COVID-19 virus sending and receiving post and packages has been affected as many countries have closed their borders.

PostNord notifies that you can still send letters and packages to all EU-countries (exept Cyprus), Canada, Iran, Iceland, Hong Kong, Japan, Liechtenstein, Norway, Qatar, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Great Britain, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine andUSA. Mail delivery to Greenland and the Faroese Islands aslo continues.

At the moment you cannot send post or packages to the following countries: Italy, Peru, Moldova, Honduras, French Polynesia, Tunesia, Rumania, Sri Lanka, Panama, Spain, Kuwait, Mongolia, Jamaica, the Filipines, Libanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Surinam, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, New Caledonia, Colombia, Montenegro.

​This entails:

  • PostNord can only send post to the countries mentioned in the list above
  • Post to countries on the list above will be sent by ship or lorry. This will take longer than normal. 
  • Letters and packages sent to countries that are not on the list above, will be put in PostNord's warehouse. You cannot get your post returned from the warehouse.
  • It is important to underline that PostNord as part of Danish infrastructure will continue delivering letters, packages and goods in Denmark (as normal as possible). 
  • PostNord tries its utmost best to find alternative means of transport to send post out of the country. The list with countries mentioned above can change over time.

You can find further information on the actual postal deliveries here (in Danish). Beware that the internaitonal postal services can be affected by other countries' restrictions.


GLS still delivers packages. You can issue a temporary signature release authorization to avoid direct contact and having to sign-off on the scanner when receiving a package at home. You can find further info on how to proceed here

There is a dispensation from signing off for receiving packages at GLS parcel shops.

As there is a increase in the number of packages, there is a possibility that your package will arrive with a 1 to 2 day delay.


Supermarkets will remain open and opening hours will remain the same. There is no food crisis! Supermarkets have enough supplies in stock for everybody.

We urge you not to panic buy food, toilet paper and other supplies. If all citizens stick to their normal shopping level, nobody will go in vain to the supermarket. Supermarkets will be grateful if you don’t use cash, as this entails a contamination risk.

When going to the supermarket you are advised to live up to the official health regulations: cough/sneeze in your elbow, keep a distance of 1 meter to other people, do not shake hands or hug, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

Supermarkets will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance and you are asked to respect the discretion lines at the cash registers.

Dining, Shopping and Personal Care

The Danish government has taken new measures to limit the further spreading of the COVID-19 virus. As of Wednesday March 18, 10 am, all bars, restaurants, shopping centres, fitness centres, indoor sports facilities, salons (hairdresser, tattoo parlor, massage, skin care etc.) will be closed until March 30.

Restaurants and bars are still allowed to offer take away.

Further info here

Social Distancing

As of Wednesday March 18, 10am a maximum of 10 people can gather both indoors and outdoors. You are urged to postpone all social gatherings, birthday parties, dinners etc. The measure is implemented to break the contamination chain.

However, this is not a lock down. You can still meet up with people, which is important especially for internationals living alone here in Denmark. Please, make sure to keep a distance. You can also explore online tools for meeting up with others.


Children can have playdates. It is advised that children play outside in small groups of 2 to 3 children. Children should play with the same core group of friends, rather than with many different friends. Remember social distancing, no hugs, no sharing of drink bottles, plates and cutlery and wash hands thouroughly and regularly.

If the weather doesn't allow for outdoor play, children can play indoors as long as there is enough fresh air (keep a window open).

Closed Borders

Denmark’s borders are temporarily closed as of March 14 noon until April 14 noon.

Danes are strongly advised not to travel outside of Denmark unless absolutely necessary. With the fast pace of countries around the world closing down borders and airports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that some Danes will need to stay abroad, as it is impossible to travel home.

Internationals wanting to enter Denmark need a valid reason to do so, being it residence, work etc. Non valid reasons are e.g. tourism and plain family visits. In that case you will be refused to enter the country.

The Danish Government has decided to temporarily close all Danish borders effectively as of March 13.00 noon until April 14 noon. Entry into Denmark can only be allowed if bullits 1-4 below apply to you.

  • Danish citizens who can provide a Danish passport or other valid travelling document.
  • EU-citizens with valid travelling document living in Denmark and who can provide/present a Danish social security card.
  • Third country nationals with valid travelling document; and with Danish residence permit.
  • Foreigners who have a valid purpose in Denmark e.g.
    • Visiting a critically terminal ill family member
    • Participating in a funeral
    • Called for a court case
    • Exercising visitation rights with a minor
    • Being a legal guardian for a minor
    • Already in an ongoing health treatment
    • Have employment in Denmark – documentation needed

These regulations; bullits 1-4 applies for all passengers arriving from a Schrengen or non-Schengen destination. Anyone who does not apply to the above will be refused entry.

Further info here and here.


All childcare is suspended until March 27 due to COVID-19 restrictions. All forms for public childcare (daycare, kindergarten, SFO, club) will not refund the fees paid for this period.

If your children attend private childcare, you need to direct your questions about a possible refund directly to you childcare institutions or school.

If you are working in a critical position (healthcare, home for the elderly, police, fire department) you entitled to childcare. You had to sign up for emergency childcare on Friday March 13.

If you are in a position where you have difficulties taking care of your child(ren), you can contact Pladsanvisning directly. In the Municipality of Aarhus you need to write to Pladsanvisningen


All schools are suspended until March 27 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Your school, whether it be public or private school, will inform you accordingly. Most schools will provide the children with home assignments.


In the light of the government's decision to close down different institutions and workplaces for the next two weeks, the churches in Denmark are closed as well. This means that there will be no church services or other church activities, such as confirmations, weddings and baptisms until March 30. Read more here (in Danish). All confirmations are postponed until after Pentecost.

However, in case of an urgent baptism or wedding, this can be performed by the pastor in your own home. Though without any guests.

Funerals can be postponed with two weeks. In case restrictions are still effective, the funeral will be performed by the pastor without guests. A memorial service will be held once the restrictions are lifted.

The Danish Lutheran Church offers online services and you will be able to get in touch with your local pastor. Check out your local church’s website for contact info. Many local churches stream mass or words of comfort by the pastor.

In Aarhus the Catholic Church Vor Frue Kirke streams mass. Further information here

Driving Tests

If you have a driving test scheduled in the near future, you should have received a notification that it has been cancelled. Please, check your e-boks. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions no driving tests will take place from until until March 27.

Public Transport

You are urged to use public transport only when necessary and to avoid rush hour. Adhere to the general rules of social distancing. Public transport restricts the number of passengers to the number of seats available to passengers. The public transport’s staff can refer you to wait until the next departure if the number of passengers is (too) high.

As of March 19 the elderly are advised not to use public transport.

In buses you can only enter and exit through the back door, this to ensure a safe distance to the bus driver.

Letbanen runs according to the Sunday schedule.

For further info on schedules and refunds in the Central Denmark Region, visit the website here

Also in trains operated by DSB you are urged to keep a distance to other passengers. Therefore you are required to have a designated seat ticket. If you have already bought tickets (valid for all types of tickets, also Orange tickets) for the near future and need a refund, you can find further information here (in Danish).

Check Rejseplanen before embarking on your journey, as DSB has reduced the number of trains due to the low number of passengers.

Parking in Aarhus

All residents in Aarhus having a parking license with limited parking time, can park for free all day long. Normally this type of parking license cannot be used from 9 to 17. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions many will stay at home and need parking all day. The Municipality of Aarhus has decided that you can park for free all day long even if you have a parking license with time limitations.


All libraries are closed meaning that some of us will end up with books that are overdue. Not to worry. In Aarhus libraries will not charge you with a fine when handing in your books when libraries can open their doors again.


Please be aware, COVID-19 brings out the worst in some people. There imposters trying to get access to your home by claiming that they come from the Health Department. Do not let them inside your home! Extract from the police report here (in Danish).

Cleaning your Home

We all know we have to wash our  hands thouroughly. There are also some guidelines to clean your home, you can find them here (in Danish-rengøring i hjemmet).

You just keep on cleaning your home as usual with the usual cleaning products, just make sure to clean more thouroughly and more often. Especially surfaces that everybody in your family touches, should be cleaned on a daily basis, e.g. doorhandles, touch screens, keyboards. 

Normal cleaning products are sufficient. If you want to desinfect surfaces, don't use hand sanitizer as it will leave surfaces greasy.

Aarhus - Outdoors fitness sites

As of March 22 the municipality of Aarhus has closed down all outdoor fitness facilites. This to ensure living up to the COVID-19 regulations of not getting to close to each other, and also to minimize contamination.

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