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Regulations for entering Denmark

The Danish Government has decided to temporarily close all Danish borders effectively as of March 13.00 noon until April 14 noon. Entry into Denmark can only be allowed if bullits 1-4 below apply to you.

  1. Danish citizens who can provide a Danish passport or other valid travelling document.
  2. EU-citizens with valid travelling document living in Denmark and who can provide/present a Danish social security card.
  3. Third country nationals with valid travelling document; and with Danish residence permit.
  4. Foreigners who have a valid purpose in Denmark e.g.
    1. Visiting a critically terminal ill family member
    2. Participating in a funeral
    3. Called for a court case
    4. Exercising visitation rights with a minor
    5. Being a legal guardian for a minor
    6. Already in an ongoing health treatment
    7. Have employment in Denmark – documentation needed

These regulations; bullits 1-4 applies for all passengers arriving from a Schrengen or non-Schengen destination. Anyone who does not apply to the above will be refused entry.

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