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From cheapest rent to most expensive areas in Aarhus: Where to get your money’s worth?

Where do you find the most affordable rental apartments in Aarhus? What is the average rental cost in the eight largest areas of Aarhus? And what could you spend your money on instead of rent? BoligPortal has created an infographic that will give you the answers to these questions. Have a look to gain an overview of the cheapest and most expensive areas of Aarhus.

The Infographic – What does it show?
Current numbers from’s database (September 2019) show us that Aarhus C is the most expensive area of Aarhus, whereas Egå is one of the cheapest areas. These results stem from BoligPortal’s property rental index and are based on the average rental cost on apartments between 60-80 m². The infographic gives a manageable overview of these areas and illustrates what you can expect to pay in average for the monthly rent in the 8 areas. Since Aarhus C is the most expensive area, it has become a point of comparison for all of the other areas. Therefore, every box will show how much you can save in monthly rent and what you can spend your money on in comparison to the rent of an apartment in Aarhus C.


The cheapest and most expensive area
As mentioned, Aarhus C currently takes the lead in terms of being the most expensive area in Aarhus, with an average monthly rent of 9.689 kr/month. Given that Aarhus C consist of quite a lot of trendy neighborhoods like Frederiksbjerg, Latinerkvarteret (the latin quarter), Marselisborg, Ceres byen and Aarhus Ø (The marina district) this is no surprise. What all of these locations have in common, is that they are centrally located and are therefore very popular. Like all other metropolis cities, you simply have to pay a little more to live where the action is.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Egå. Egå is an incredible scenic area, closely located to the water, beaches and forest. The average monthly rent in Egå is 5.822 kr/month, which means that there is a price difference of 3.861 Danish kroner from this area to Aarhus C. This is quite a significant difference in price – And instead of spending the 3.861 kr. on rent, you could buy a 10-course meal at the Michelin restaurant Frederikshøj and buy 11 VIP cinema tickets from Cinemaxx as well. So, it is up to you to decide if you’d rather spend your money on experiences/things or a centrally located rental property in Aarhus C.


The middle-ranking areas
In the four boxes in the middle, we have: Højbjerg, Aarhus N, Brabrand and Åbyhøj/Viby J. More property seekers have become aware of these areas, since the increasing demand for apartments in Aarhus C has ‘forced’ people to look elsewhere. But fear not, by targeting these middle-ranking areas you’ll be able to save money and get closer to nature.

Some additional advantages can be found by moving to one of these areas. Take Aarhus N or Viby J for example – Both of these places are known for being ‘mini-cities’ near the city. Within the postal area of Aarhus N you will find Christiansbjerg and Trøjborg and especially Trøjborg is known for being ‘a city within the city’ in the same way that Viby J acts like an independent suburb, with a lot of shopping possibilities and with a (relatively) short distance to the city center.

Notice that Åbyhøj and Viby J are portrayed in the same box in the infographic, even though they are two different areas. The reason for this is that they have an almost identical average monthly rent and because they are neighboring areas. Åbyhøj is the smallest of the two areas in the infographic.


To sum up, the blue boxes illustrate the outskirts of Aarhus, which are further away from Aarhus C, but has a lot of charm and is closer to nature. The orange boxes illustrate the more urbanized areas of Aarhus, with a denser population and higher demand for rental properties.

No matter where you wish to seek out your next rental apartment, just remember: Aarhus has a great infrastructure so you can get to Aarhus C/the city center quickly, either by bus, bike, car or other vehicles of transportation.


Author: BoligPortal

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