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Efterårsferie - Autumn Holiday Week 42

Efterårsferie - Autumn Holiday Week 42

Every year in week 42 schools all over Denmark take a week-long school break. Therefore, you might notice some of your colleagues and friends taking a couple of days or the whole week off to spend time with their family. This year the autumn holiday starts on Friday October 11 and runs until Sunday October 20.


Why do we have ‘efterårsferie’?
In the past, when a large part of the Danish population still lived in the countryside, many families were busy working in the fields in autumn. Every year in autumn, children were taken out of school for a week to work side by side with their parents, harvesting potatoes before winter came knocking on the door.
To this day children enjoy their school-free autumn holiday week in October, which is also known as kartoffelferie (potato holiday) among Danes.



Lots of things to do!
Since so many people have the week off, many institutions such as museums and amusement parks have activities for the whole family, and cities are buzzing with social events and lots of things to do. Below we have collected a few suggestions to activities you can do with your family in the Aarhus area during the autumn holiday.



Halloween at Tivoli Friheden
You are guaranteed lots of creepy crawley fun for the whole family at Tivoli Friheden when they open up for their annual week of Halloween celebrations. The park is transformed with spooky decorations, pumpkins, lights and lots of different Halloween activities!
(Tickets required. Available from 135 DKK) 

Aarhus Mini Maker Faire 2019
In the first weekend of the autumn holiday you can attend the Mini Maker Faire at DOKK1. Aarhus Mini Maker Faire is a fun DIY festival for the whole family, where there will be lots of fun exhibitions and workshops. At the Mini Maker Faire you can experience a great mix of the newest technologies and old-school crafts, and there sure will be something for you whether you want to try building robot or learn how to knit. 

Moesgaard Museum
During the autumn holiday you can experience the exhibition ‘Shoes of the world’. The exhibition presents zoologist Søren Tuxen’s large and colorful shoe collection from around the world. The collection includes more than 230 pairs of shoes in the most marvelous shapes, colors and sizes.
(Tickets are 140 DKK for adults, free for children aged 0-17, and for students with student ID tickets are 110 DKK)

Den Gamle By (in Danish)
In Den Gamle By (The Old Town) you can experience the Danish equivalent to Halloween: Allehelgen! There will be spooky stories about Danish folklore, and you can even make your own boiled sweets or a beet lantern, similar to the pumpkin lanterns that you probably already know.
(Tickets are 135 DKK for adult, free for children aged 0-17, and it is free for students with a valid student ID in all of October)

Naturhistorisk Museum (in Danish)
At the Natural History Museum you can go for a treasure hunt in their spooky Halloween settings, or simply take a stroll around the museum to discover their many interesting exhibitions.
(Tickets are 95 DKK for adults, free for children aged 0-17 and 85 DKK for students with a valid student ID)

Marselisborg Dyrehave
Visit the Marselisborg Deer Park for a fun day out in nature. Located in the Marselisborg Forests, the deer park provides a chance to get close to the deer and at the same time discover the beautiful autumn scenery with the leaves on the trees changing color.

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