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Apple Season in Denmark

Apple Season in Denmark!

Autumn is upon us and so is the apple season. Apples are one of those fruits people have forgotten have a season. They are usually available in supermarkets in different varieties all year round. But apples do have a season, especially here in Denmark where they are harvested from late summer until early spring. And let’s be honest, what’s better than biting into a fresh, crisp, newly harvested apple?    

The season usually lasts from late August until early April, with different varieties of apples peaking at different times throughout the season. The apple season is split into three categories: “Summer apples”, “Autumn apples” and “Winter apples”. Depending on the variety, some apples can be eaten just as they are, while others are better suited for cooking. Whether you are looking for apples to eat as a snack or for a delicious apple pie, you can certainly find a variety to suit your needs.

You can read about some of the varieties that are available in Denmark here (in Danish only).

If you live in Aarhus, one of the best places to seek out fresh, seasonal apples is on the market at Ingerslevs Boulevard. The market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can also find places outside the cities where you can go apple picking.

Get an overview of places where you can go apple picking near Aarhus here (in Danish only).

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