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New School Year

On Thursday August 8 the new school year starts. Children starting in ‘børnehaveklassen’ or grade 0 will be super exited as a new era starts. What to expect?

Nothing more exiting than the first day at school – for children and parents alike. The excitement that goes with all new beginnings is in the air. Finally the new backpack and freshly sharpened pencils can be put to use.

Having a child starting in grade 0 you need to take some extra time in the morning of the fist school day as the school will welcome not only your child, but also you, the parents. Grade 0 kids will assemble in the school yard or hall where the school principle will address the children and parents. After the assembly you will walk through the corridors while the older kids will sing and wave flags as a warm welcome gesture. Both you and your child are expected to go to the classroom where the teacher is awaiting you. Your child will probably spot a sign with its name on its designated seat. Once seated the teacher will tell you about grade 0 and the program for the rest of the day. Usually the parents are asked to introduce themselves too. Now it’s time for you to leave the classroom. Many schools offer a cup of coffee to the parents, so they can get acquainted – after all your kids will be in class together for the next 10 years.

If you want to know more about the Danish School system, then you can join us for a seminar on September 25 here

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