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Summer house season


A `sommerhus`, `summer house` or `vacation house` is an irreplacable part of the Danish summer. Summer houses are typically smaller and thinner material-wise than ordinary houses. That is because they are made for usage during the warmer months of the year. It is considered a normality for Danish families in the middle and higher class to have one or to have a shared house for several families that take turn visiting it. 

The summer house trend is claimed to have started back in the 19th century, when the citizens of Copenhagen would send their families to the sea shore for a vacation outside of the city. Now summer houses can be found even on the most northern parts of the country.

They are usually located all around the Danish coasts in small settlements or whole big areas. They are generally built right by the beach or on a walking distance from it. What makes them so special, of course, is the fun and cozy time you can spend with family and friends far away from the noise of the city. 

Even though the summer houses are designed for inhabiting them only during the warm months, many Danes install better heating option and visit it during the winter time as well. It is the case that the elderly part of the population also stays in their summer house as long as possible during the year. 

Purchasing a summer house is however not the only way to enjoy it. Many owners of such houses gladly rent them throughout the whole year. You can read more renting a summer house here

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