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Pick your own fruits and vegetables

The taste of a freshly picked fruit or vegatable is one you can't compare. Many farms in Denmark with the U-pick concept allow you to experience the pleasure of gathering produce for yourself or with friends and family. It is an extremely fun activity, as you get to spend extra time outdoors and teach the little ones how do the plats that a fruit belong to looks like. Not to mention that the farmers safe time and you get the freshest version of the fruits possible. 

This website has made an easy to understand overview of what fruits and vegetables can be picked and when. You can choose between the items and see where in Denmark those could be availbale for picking. 

You can join the next strawberry picking at Holgers which is lokated in the not so distant Hjortshøj. The farm offers picking of strawberries every Tuesday from 13 to 18. 


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