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Pinse in Denmark

This weekend bring with it another Danish holiday. This time it is the Christian holiday called ‘Pinse’ (Pentecost).  The holiday falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter and in some Christian traditions it represents the birth of the early church. The day marks when the Holy Spirit descended down to the disciples of Jesus and gave them hope and courage after Jesus had ascended to heaven.
Like in many other European countries the following Monday, called with Monday, is a public holiday in Denmark. This means that most supermarkets and shops will be closed on both Sunday and Monday.
In Denmark it is a tradition to watch “pinsesolen” dance. This means to get up early on with Monday and watch the sun rise together with friends and family.  This is to celebrate that spring and summer is finally here but in the past it has had a more Christian meaning namely the resurrection of Jesus. This might also explain why the tradition of watching the sun rise originally was connected to Easter. However it has changed throughout time and is now related to ‘pinsen’. 

Gratis lagerfoto af gyldne horisont, hav, havudsigt

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