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The elections are upon us and in Denmark elections equal ‘valgflæsk’. The word is frequently used during election campaigns, and it holds a negative sound to it. But what does it actually mean?

The literal translation of the word ‘valgflæsk’ would be ‘election meat’ however that does not make much sense. The word is used to describe promises made by politicians which they do not intend to fulfill, but only promise in order to secure the backing of the voters. It is often used by politicians to describe opposing politicians in negative way, accusing them “giving out” empty promises.
An example of the usage is: “I think that many Danes will see right trough him, it is just ‘valgflæsk’”. Here it is used to describe distrust in what was promised by a politician during an election campaign. The English version of the expression would be ‘hot air’ and the two expressions can be used for the same thing.

Many restaurants serve ‘valgflæsk’ on the day of election, and some Danes cook it at home as well on election day. The dish is actually also the Danish national dish – stegt flæsk- and consists of roasted pork meat with boiled potatoes and parsley gravy.  

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