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Venture Cup-Startup Mentors

We at Venture Cup have good news for you and your startup in Aarhus!
My team and I have used the last 3 months changing the concept of our mentor program, Startup Mentors, so it is more fun, engaging and useful for you as a Venture Cup startup.
Watch our Startup Mentors video!
So, as a NEW initiative, we will be offering all existing and new startups a unique chance to meet the rest of the 200+ network and get some expert mentoring with knowledge from all sorts of industries, eg. fundraising, product development, business development, intellectual property, communication, branding, design, Go to market strategy and so and so on.
On top of the six months mentorship with a mentor of your choosing, startups who sign up to the Startup Mentors program, now also gets access to more than 10 exclusive deals with our partners and a chance to win 2 x 50.000 DKK in grants.
From 2019, and as a part of the new Startup Mentors concept, you now have to come to a live event with our partner Danske Bank at their headquarters to pitch for 2 minutes and present yourself in order for you to get matched with a mentor. We will be hosting 6 events annually, 2 in Copenhagen, 2 in Aarhus and 2 in Odense.
Spring 2019, we have an event in Aarhus April 10, so make sure you don't miss that one!

Sign up for Batch 1 in Aarhus
Mentor Matching Event at Danske Bank, April 10, 2019!


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