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Fireworks laws

Fireworks are closely connected to New Year’s Eve in Denmark – expect a lot of fireworks when the clock strikes 00.00 and people gather in the streets to set off fireworks.

Fireworks for New Year’s Eve can be bought at selected and approved shops. Due to rules regarding fireworks, fireworks are only sold from 15 December till 31 December and you may only light it from December 27 till  January 1.

The rules regarding fireworks are that:

  • If you want to set off fireworks during a festive moment at some other time of the year, you must contact a pyro technician.
  • Legal consumer fireworks are marked with the letters CE. This way you can make sure that you are not buying illegal fireworks that are not living up to the Danish safety standards.
  • A consumer is permitted to transport/store a maximum of 5 kilos (net explosive quantity) of fireworks in their cars/homes.
  • As a consumer, you are not permitted to bring any fireworks into Denmark.

You are advised to wear safety goggles when you are looking at and lighting fireworks. Safety goggles can be bought in any supermarket in the days around New Year’s Eve.
Read more about the rules here



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