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Spouse Community Update Week 51

Yet another splendid year!

               Throughout 2018, Spouse Community continued to establish itself as network for spouses in and around Aarhus. We now have 150 members and a strong social media presence with 600+ likes on Facebook and 400+ followers on Instagram. A dynamic group of spouses on Spouse Community board spearheaded the development and  strategy to make our community stronger.  This approach unfolded into the most versatile calendar of events and activities throughout the year for Spouse Community members and created a great impression in and around Aarhus as one of the most established networks for spouses. We conducted 43 events in 2018 with approximately 19 participants on average. Our social events included coffee meetups, potlucks, theatre, art and TGIF evenings. We also facilitated workshops led by some of our members who wanted to share their skills in areas such as photography, acting, body language, baking, and dance. 

Our journey in 2018

               The best part about Spouse Community is our members. They have shared tips and information with fellow members in our Facebook forum, and taken charge by creating their own events. For example, Claudine, one of our members, hosts a very popular weekly drop-in Danish Chat with Spouse Community to help members practice Danish without any inhibitions.. Zane, another member, has always been kind enough to photograph our various events, and organized a photoshoot for members to update their professional profile photos. We also kicked off a series of Danish living events conducted by our Danish member, Lisbeth, who wanted to share insights about the Danish way of life to our international members. Our members’ pop-up events around the city have led to impromptu tours and meal get-togethers around the city. We’ve also had a total of 13 different insta-takeovers on our Instagram, where our members share their unique perspective of Aarhus for a week with us!

                In May 2018, we celebrated our first anniversary. We also kicked off our ‘What is a spouse?’ campaign to create a compilation of inspiring stories about international individuals, who have fearlessly entered the Danish culture with the hope of thriving in Aarhus alongside our partners. We had our first big mention in a newspaper article outside Aarhus, in the September edition of The International monthly magazine from Copenhagen, where we got to feature one of our stories from the ‘What is a spouse?’ campaign and showcase our community. In September, we met several internationals at the Expat Reception and Aarhus City Welcome. The best news we got at the end of 2018 is that we had been nominated for the GoGlocal award. With this cheer and enthusiasm, we are ready for 2019!

What’s in store for 2019?

                We became a tight knit and sharing community in 2018. Going into 2019, we want to focus more on improving the social experience around the city for our members and build a greater sense of community. We greatly value the contribution of our members and want to empower those who are open to sharing their and skills with the rest of the community. And of course, we will continue our rich program of events.


Thank you!

               We are a growing community and couldn’t have achieved all we have without the support of our members! We are grateful for your ongoing support and engagement and look forward to seeing you all in 2019!
We wish you all a very festive season!

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