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Chrismas tree disposal and more

Christmas is a lovely time, but also a time where abnormal amounts of waste are generated.

Do the environment a favor and sort your waste as much as possible and as correct as possible. Here is a list to help you with certain seasonal elements:

  • Christmas tree: You need to get it to the recycling station. If you live in Aarhus, In the zone within Ringgaderne and Langenæs, Aarhus Municipality collects Christmas trees in January, however, you need to call to have it arranged. You will receive information about the date of pick up and on the day of the pick up, it should be placed outside on the street. Please, do not just place Christmas trees by the buried waste containers.

  • Gift wrap for gifts are usually smooth and has stars or hearts in some other material than paper, and should therefore not be recycled. It should be thrown out as regular waste.
  • Food: you should never throw the fat from the duck, or any food cooked, into the sink, since it can clog the drain. Gather it up in a used milk container and let it dry a bit before you throw it out in the regular waste bin.
  • Fun Christmas accessories should be recycled and you can hand it in at a goodwill store or container.  However, if it uses batteries, has lights or can make noises it should be thrown out in the container with electrical waste at the recycling station. And do the same with Christmas lights.

  • Advent calendars with chocolate: you can take it apart once it is emptied and sort the inside plastic in the plastic container and the actual calendar in the paper container.
  • Fireworks that have not been used could be saved (in a secure way) or handed in at the recycling stations and sorted as ‘dangerous waste’. Fireworks that have been used should be thrown out as regular waste. 

Find a recycling station near you here, and beware that they are closed December 24, 25, 26, 31 and January 1.

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