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We Miss You at Our Events!

We arrange around 150 events every year – all aimed at internationals and internationally minded Danes – and your participation is key to having them.

Let us know if you are unable to attend events

It is such a pleasure to see you at our events! We love making them for you, but we get disappointed when many sign up to an event without showing up or sending us an e-mail at and informing us you will not be attending the event. The more people we know will come, the better we can plan and make the most out of our events. Don’t feel bad about sending a cancellation e-mail if other plans have come up :) 

50 participants showed up to Tax Seminar last week

For example, last week we had a TAX Seminar with a limited capacity and a long waiting list, and 50 out of 98 participants showed up and had a great time learning more about the Danish Tax system. We are sorry that the other 50 participants did not get the valuable information from the speakers from SKAT. We were also sorry that people from the waiting list, who had the time and the interest to attend the Tax Seminar, couldn’t join us, when it would have been possible, had we known exactly how many would show up.

We believe that our events are an effort from two sides – and in the end we just want to see as many of you as possible at our events.

We have thought about how we can solve this in the future. Perhaps we have to create a no-show fee or introduce payment for all events, or maybe you have another suggestion for a solution? All suggestions are very welcomed at

Hope to see you at the upcoming events,
The team at International Community :) 


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