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Spanish Ana Martin's Life in Aarhus

My name is Ana Martín. I moved to Aarhus three months ago as an Erasmus student but also as the Young Ambassador of Segovia - my city in Spain - in the World Heritage Young Ambassadors project. I cannot stop thinking that so recently I was excited with the idea of beginning my adventure in the happiest country in the world and I couldn’t wait to discover every part of Aarhus, and now I am about to leave.

I think that all the Erasmus students are aware that we have to get used to and overcome a lot of change. But getting to know another culture is very funny. You learn that, for example, you have to shake hands to say hello instead of jumping on the people to kiss them twice; that if you don’t use Google Translate, you might buy butter instead of spreadable cheese; or that there are many strange dishes that you will end up loving (I am personally in love with  æbleskiver and kanel snegl).

In Aarhus I have found so many things that remind me of Segovia that this place has become my second home. A home that I’m sure I’ll come back to. Getting use to living here has been quite easy. Not only the people are incredibly kind and helpful, but also there are enormous benefits from the provision of facilities in the city (means of transport, shops,…) However, the main reason I am leaving this city delighted is because of its cultural potential. I arrived during the Aarhus Festuge celebrations and I have just experienced the beginning of the Danish Christmas tradition - including the opening of “Jule i Den Gamle By” (Christmas in the Old Town), an amazing atmosphere of Christmas markets and people dressed up from the 1860s, 1920s and 1970s so you can experience where traditions have come from and their development over time!

Now, in truth not only the cultural changes are obvious. If you think about Denmark, you will think of rain, and you are absolutely right. The weather here is crazy. It can be alternating rain for 2 minutes, then the sun comes out, you just take off your jacket and suddenly, rain again! Of course, then it isn’t surprising how green everything is. It is truly beautiful.

Three months ago I was writing “I only hope that Aarhus can impress me as much as Segovia does”. And now I can swear Aarhus has done it. I am leaving my second home in a few weeks but I am really looking forward to coming back soon.


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