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GO GLOCAL Is Asking You to Vote!!

We are going glocal - Start the nomination, start the voting!

The GO GLOCAL facebook page has just been launched and we are very excited! We encourage everyone to follow this page in order to support the internationalization of Aarhus. 

We believe that going glocal is a team effort! Therefore, we want to involve as many people as possible, which is why you all have a say in the winner of the People‚Äôs Choice Award.

You can nominate an individual, team, company or organization that has contributed to the internationalization of Aarhus by giving all the internationals a warm welcome. Maybe you have a specific candidate in mind that has made a difference to your experience with moving to Aarhus?

You can nominate yourself or another candidate by uploading a video on Go Glocal Aarhus explaining who you are and why people should vote for you. You can vote on your favorite candidate by liking their video.
Remember to follow us on Instagram as well: @goglocal.aarhus

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