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GO GLOCAL Is Taking over the City

Are you interested in the internationalization of the city? And do you want to promote the international actors that make a difference for the international citizens in Aarhus?

 Then read more about GO GLOCAL, which is a whole new project between Erhverv Aarhus/International Community and the Municipality of Aarhus.

GO GLOCAL will grant two awards for a company, organization, team or individual that have provided many initiatives towards the internationalization of Aarhus and contributed to giving international newcomers and citizens a warm welcome.

The People‚Äôs Choice Award gives you the possibility to nominate a candidate by uploading a short video explaining why the candidate should be nominated.  We will soon launch the GO GLOCAL Facebook page where all videos should be uploaded so you can all vote on your favorite candidate.

We will also share an array of stories of the many international citizens living in the city by sharing their thoughts on living and working in Denmark. These stories will give the companies a better insight into the people they want to hire and highlight the value of international qualifications.   

You can read much more about GO GLOCAL, the awards and how to nominate a candidate here.  

You can also follow GO GLOCAL on Instagram @goglocal.aarhus when WE GO GLOCAL!

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