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Tiny Maerschalk's Story on Calling Aarhus Home.

Tiny Maerschalk, Head of International Community, has called Aarhus home for the past 19 years. She is originally from Waarloos, Belgium and, as is the case with most expatriates, she intended on staying in Aarhus for a short period of time. Little did Tiny know that she was going to create a life for herself in Aarhus. 

As Tiny mentions in the article, she is a great admirer of the sea. As a result, she decided to join the local sailing club where she began to meet Danes, build friendships, integrate in the Danish society and speak Danish. She inevitably met her husband with whom she has two children and still continues to be an active member at the Aarhus Sailing Club. For almost two decades, she has delved into the Danish society and embraced the culture. In addition, she speaks the Danish language fluently; something that has facilitated her integration in Denmark. She encourages newcomers to join clubs, associations or any type of volunteer work. The results will be rewarding because it will allow you to better assimiliate in the culture. 

She now dedicates her time to assisting other internationals with settling in Denmark and promoting life as an expat. 

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