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Daylight Saving Time

Don’t forget to put the clock an hour back this upcoming Sunday! Every year in the end of October, we get one hour more of sleep when we switch to winter time, also known as daylight saving time – though this year it might be for the last time. The EU-Commission has recently suggested giving up switching from summer to winter time. The reason why summer time was originally introduced was in order to save energy under World War One. Some other arguments were to make better use of the sun light and to avoid a winter depression.

But questionnaire surveys show that many people would actually prefer to stick to the same time all around the year. Even though winter time is the ‘normal time’, it hasn’t been decided yet, whether it will be winter or summer time that will be cancelled, and whether the EU or each country will have to decide on its own if these changes should be implemented. But for now: put the clock back an hour and enjoy an hour more of sleep!

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