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Winter Swimming in Denmark

Winter is approaching which means it’s time for wearing hats and gloves and warm jackets – and it also means that the winter swimming season has begun. Winter swimming is now more popular amongst the Danes than ever before, and ‘Vinterbadeforeninger i Danmark’, which is an association of all the winter swimming clubs in Denmark, has more than 40.000 members.

A winter swimming session normally starts with a dip into the cold water and afterwards you go to the sauna. These two steps can be repeated as many times as you wish. You should be aware that it is common for winter swimmers to swim and go to the sauna without wearing swim suits and sometimes this is an requirement of the club.
In Aarhus there a two big clubs for winter swimmers – one is ‘Vikingeforeningen Morgenbaderne ved Ballehage Søbad’, and the other ‘Vikingeklubben Jomsborg’.

Vikingeklubben Jomsborg

  • The biggest winter swimming club in Aarhus with more than 9.000 members
  • Placed at Den Permanente, close to Risskov
  • Opening hours: from September 1st –May 31st the club is open every day from 06:00 – 23:00
  • The club no longer accepts new members this season, but it is possible to register for next season
  • Contact the club to learn more about prices
  • Find more information on the club by clicking here.
Vikingeforeningen Morgenbaderne ved Ballehage Søbad
  • The club normally welcomes 40 new members to the beginning of every season
  • Placed at Ballehage Beach, close to Marselisborg
  • Sauna opening house: 06:30-08:30 during the weekdays, and 06:00-09:30 during the weekends
  • There is currently a waiting list – to be one the waiting list, there is a fee of 100DKK, and once you’re a member the yearly price is 400DKK.
  • Find more information on the club by clicking here.
Morning swim with ‘Natur Retur’
If you can’t wait until next season to get started with winter swimming, you can join ‘Natur Retur’ for a morning swim at Den Permanente. The event takes place every first Monday of the month, where you will start by going into the ocean, and afterwards enjoy a warm cop of coffee and a croissant.
  • Every first Monday of the Month from 06:45-07:15
  • Price: 30DKK (for coffee and croissant), remember to bring your own cup
  • Sign up is required (see more on Facebook here.

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