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Danish wedding traditions

If you have ever participated in a Danish wedding, you have surely noticed the many quaint wedding traditions. A Danish wedding is filled with old traditions that many couples and guests choose to keep.

The church, reception and party

Traditional Danish wedding ceremonies often take place in a church, where the bride wears a white dress and the groom a suit. However, some ceremonies take place in a town hall. It is common to have a reception with cake and a beverage after the wedding for all who have come to celebrate. Then afterwards the couple has a party for invited guests only, and sometimes without kids. Those who come to the wedding in church and the reception, but are not invited for the party with food after the reception, are going to ‘Globryllup’ (in English: stare wedding). It is common and not looked badly upon if you know the bride or groom.


Throughout the evening, the guests usually carry out different kinds of entertainment that they have arranged for the bride and groom – this could be songs, wedding games or different surprise performances. It is however often low key and done without spending a lot of money. The songs are often written by small groups of guests and are done so by using famous Danish melodies that everyone knows and can sing along to – it could be: “Jeg en gård mig bygge vil”, “Marken er mejet” or “Det er hammer hammer fedt”.  

The couple kiss and kiss the couple

There is a lot of kissing at weddings, and not just by the married couple. Whenever the groom leaves the table to go to the bathroom, all the men in the party line up to kiss the bride on her cheek, and when the bride leaves, the women queue to kiss the groom.

When the guests carefully hit their glasses with their knives, the bride and groom must kiss standing on their chairs, and when the guests stamp on the floor, the couple will kiss underneath the table. So if you are going to a wedding, prepare yourself for a lot of kissing.

The first dance

The newly wed couple has their first dance at 12 am, where the guests gather up in a circle around the couple and slowly moves in closer. Right after this dance it is normal for the friends of the groom to catch him, take off his shoes and cut off a piece of his socks.

And for the rest of the night, you just celebrate the happiness of the married couple.

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