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The Autumn Holiday - Week 42

The autumn holiday is a week-long school break, so if you are noticing that some of your colleagues are taking this week, or days in this week, off, it might very well be because they have children or family engagements.
This school holiday is always in week 42, which means that it starts on Friday the 12th of October after school ends and lasts till school starts again Monday the 22nd.

Why is week 42 a school holiday?

In the past, when a large part of the Danish population still lived in the countryside, many families were busy working on the fields in autumn. Every year in autumn, children were taken out of school for a week to work side by side with their parents, harvesting potatoes before winter knocked on the door.
To this day children enjoy a school-free week in October to hold autumn holiday, which is also known as kartoffelferie (potato holiday) among Danes.

What is happening in the autumn holiday?

When so many people are taking time off of work, a lot of social events are happening in all of Denmark. It can be Zoos that are open, amusement parks, events that are happening and the cities are buzzing a little loader with people during the regular working hours.
So even though some parks might be closed down for the winter already, many are opening during this school holiday, and they are definitely worth a visit. A lot of amusement parks are for instance decorated in Halloween decorations and offer Halloween related events and competitions.

A great big mix of activities

Botanical Garden
  • You can always go for a walk in the Botanical Garden and watch the yellow, green and orange trees and bushes, and enjoy autumn. 
  • No entrance fee.
Bruuns Galleri (Mall)
  • If you feel like shopping in the fall, you can visit Bruuns Galleri. 
  • No entrance fee.
  • Opening hours 
Godsbanen (A Place for All)
  • No entrance fee.
Playgrounds in Aarhus (link in Danish)
  • Play outside and have fun! 
  • No entrance fee.
Aarhus skøjtehal (Ice Skating) (Links in Danish):
  • Opening hours, notice special opening hours for week 42. 
  • Entrance: 25 DKK-45 DKK, Skate renting: 45 DKK.

Amusement Parks

Djurs Sommerland 
  • Enjoy yourself, try the many different rides and have fun in Djurs Sommerland. 
  • Opening hours: 13th of October-21st of October
  • Entrance 
Legoland Tivoli Friheden (links in Danish)
  • 13th of October – 21st of October
  • Entrance.
  • Notice: If you purchase an ‘unlimited ride’ ticket online the day before your visit, then it is 200 DKK, instead of 245 DKK. 
  • Notice: If you keep your ‘unlimited ride’ wristband on, then you can come back for free throughout the autumn holiday.  

Animals and Parks

Aqua (Aquarium & Wildlife Park) 
  • Feel like petting a fish and look at otters, then this is the place for you! 
  • Opening hours
  • Prices: 0 DKK - 160 DKK.
Givskud Zoo
  • Take a day out of your calendar and watch the many different and exciting animals!
  • Opening hours.
  • Entrance
Marselisborg Dyrehave (Park)
  • Go for a walk in the park and see, or even feed, deers! 
  • No entrance fee.
Randers Regnskov (Tropical Zoo) 
  • Tropical animals are living in Randers, and you have the chance to see the many different animals up close!
  • Opening hours
  • Entrance: 0 DKK-190 DKK (Link in Danish)


ARoS (Art Museum):
  • Get familiar with art from many different cultures and from many different decades, and see Aarhus through the Rainbow installation!
  • Opening hours (bottom of page)
  • Entrance.
Moesgaard Museum
  • What did Denmark look like once upon a time? Go to Moesgaard and get a feel of the Danish history!
  • Opening hours 
  • Entrance 
Naturhistorisk Museum
  • Animals, exploring and nature make up the focus for this interesting and kid-friendly museum! 
  • Open all days 10:00-16:00. Autumn holiday: Open 9:00-17:00 all days.
  • Entrance: 0 DKK - 90 DKK 
Steno Museet:
  • This museum offers everyone a look into the world of science and explains phenomenons in a language we can all understand!
  • Opening hours (bottom of page) 
 The Old Town (National Open-air Museum)
  • There will in the autumn holiday be a replica of The Old Town made from 500.000 LEGO bricks that you can see. It will also be possible to play with LEGO, DUPLO and Minecraft bricks.
  • 13th of October – 21st of October
  • Entrance


Lalandia (Holiday centre and indoor water park)
  • If you need a small get-away or just a one-day trip somewhere, then Lalandia is a good place to go, and it is known for its big indoor waterpark. 
  • Prices
Public Swimming Pools
  • Aarhus Svømmestadion. Opening hours (link in Danish). Price: 25 DKK – 45 DKK.
  • Lyseng Svømmebad. Opening hours (link in Danish). Price: 25 DKK – 45 DKK.
  • Gellerupbadet. Opening hours (link in Danish). Price: 25 DKK – 45 DKK.

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