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Halloween in Denmark

Halloween is approaching, but how is it actually celebrated in Denmark? Halloween (in Danish ‘Allehelgensaften’) has not always been a big thing amongst the Danes. Some people see it as an American tradition, however many Danes have now taken the tradition to heart and are now decorating their homes and dressing up for Halloween.

Pumpkin carving and trick-or-treat
Like in other countries, one of the most popular Halloween rituals is carving of pumpkins. The scary faced pumpkins are then placed in front of the house with candles inside. However, in the past, the kids would carve beets in stead of pumpkins. Another ritual that is also becoming more and more common in Denmark is trick-or-treating. The kids dress up in scary costumes and go around in the local neighborhood asking for candy (in Denmark the kids say “ballade eller slik”). This ritual is also related to the Danish ‘fastelavn’, a carnival that takes place once a year in February or March. Fastelavn is also celebrated by dressing up (however not necessarily scary) and eating a lot of candy.

Activities in the fall vacation
Around Halloween, there are a lot of activities for kids and families, and these are often combined with the fall holidays. You can read more about ‘efterårsferie’ (fall holiday) by clicking here. During this week, the schools are closed, and many parents take time to stay home with their kids and there is plenty of time for different activities. Many amusement parks are open in the fall break, and are decorated for Halloween with witches, ghost and pumpkins.

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