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Kolonihave and Kolonihavehus Meaning

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A very typical thing in Denamrk, as you might already know, is to have a vacation in a summer house. And it very often gets confused with 'kolonihavehus'. It is time we distinguish between summer houses and kolonihavehus. A 'sommerhus', also refered to as a summer house, is a house that can be used for having a vacation during the summer months or at least the warmer months of the year. It is typically located not so far away from the seashore and is made purposefully for both spending time indoors and outdoors by friends and family.

A 'kolonihavehus' is a way smaller building can have or not some living furniture. However, it is rarely suitable for staying for any long period of time. It is by definition surrounded by 'kolonihave'. 'Kolonihave', also known as allotment in English, is a garden that is made for citizens that live in apartments. It is a very common situation in Denmark when people cannot afford to live in a house with a garden, but would like to have a more affordable apartment and a garden. Kolonihave is the solution to that. It represents a space, typically located right outside of a city, where one can buy a piece of land and use it as a garden.

Such a space normally comes with a small house, also known as kolonihavehus, that can be used for gardening equipment storage and maybe a space to rest or spend several nights. A summer house can have a garden, but it is not its main purpose. Typically kolonihave spots are limited and are only available for sale, as a summer house can be easily bought or rented. 

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