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What is this.. Hygge?

is not an easy word to translate, but it means a mix of: coziness, warmth and having a nice time – often while being in a relaxed setting with family or friends. Especially in these upcoming cold months, hygge is strongly correlated to feeling warm and being inside.

Making the atmosphere or an event hyggelig usually doesn’t require much work. It can be as trivial as: lighting candles, sitting by open fireplaces, wearing sweaters, knitting, being with friends and family, drinking tea and hot chocolate, playing board games, reading a book, watching a movie or simply eating some good food. In the summertime it can also be: going camping, going for a walk or on a bike ride, eating an ice cream or going to a concert.

The essence of hygge is that you have a good time and feel comfortable – and often it is used when other people are involved in the experience

The many ways to use hygge

  • A place or an atmosphere can be described as “hyggelig”, mostly if it makes you feel calm and happy or if it has a cozy ambiance. 
  • When a Dane has been together with a friend, family or a loved one, they often part ways with the sentence “Det var hyggeligt”, which means that the person had a nice time being with said friend or loved one. It is a very used phrase that can be used whenever you had a good time, felt comfortable and liked the atmosphere of the place you were. The same phrase can also be used when talking about something you have done and describing it to someone else, e.g. been on a date or to the movies.
  • Another usage of hygge, is “hyg dig” or “du må hygge dig”, which means: have a good time, have fun or enjoy yourself, and is often said when parting ways with someone.
  • You can also use hygge, when you are talking about something you have done, e.g. “Jeg hyggede mig med at tegne”, which roughly translates to: I had a good and relaxing time while drawing.

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