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Intro Week of University

Danish Insights: Intro Week of University

September is getting close, which means it’s time for the university students to have their intro days, in Danish called ‘Rusuge’. The intro days in Denmark are known for not only being an introduction to university but also very much being a social event. In Aarhus, the intro week is very easily noticeable, as there are many higher education institutions in the city, which attract many young people.
During the intro week, the students have the chance to get to know each other through social activities such as outdoor games in the university park and pub crawls. They are also getting to know the city as many of them might not come from Aarhus.

If you are by any chance a student starting this year, here is our personal guide:
  • Be there. Introduction week is a very important starting point, you don’t want to miss it, as you will get to learn about what your courses are, how everything is structured and what is expected of you, but also you’ll get to meet your future classmates and potentially friends.
  • Into days is when most young people meet their university friends and establish a bond, so don’t be shy and be social, say hi and talk to many people.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. A lot of partying might mean a lot of drinking and sometimes the day after you need to be at the university early, so do not forget to grab a bottle of water.
  • Prepare yourself for less sleep – there will be a lot of relevant information thrown at you, but parties until the morning as well

If you experience being annoyed with the multiple intro parties, just remember this – in a week those young people will experience one of the most stressful times in their education, they deserve some celebration before devoting most of their time to the books. 

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