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EKAM World Peace Festival 2018

Ekam World Peace Festival is a worldwide event. Thousands of people across the planet will meditate together between Aug 9 and Aug 19th, to bring about a massive shift in human consciousness. Isabela Bonnet will host an energy point (meditation hall) in Aarhus on Aug 18 and Aug 19.
On Aug 19th, which would be the grand culmination of the festival, people from across the world will be gathering in PEACE POWER POINTS in massive numbers and connecting to the phenomenon of Ekam which is a powerhouse. Ekam would amplify the immense peace energies generated by the meditation of these multitudes of people and bring about an immense transformation in human collective consciousness. This would manifest as greater kindness, greater harmony and greater order in our world.
World Peace is much more than conflict resolution. Peace is a state of consciousness that humanity as a whole has to enter in order to create a better world. Without a peaceful consciousness, every form of advancement would eventually lead us to greater separation, division and conflict.
- Aug 18, at 5 pm till 6.30 pm, meditation for inner peace and world peace led by Isabela Bonnet, parent of Lea Bonnet from PYP5.
- Aug 19, at 6 pm till 7.30 pm, live event with 7000 energy points across the world, globally 350000 people meditating at the same time.

Location: Big gym at AAGE (Dalgas Av.)

Please register no later than Aug 13 with a confirmation email and number of participants to Isabela Bonnet at

Let us all come together and become change makers of our world through our consciousness.
This event is free of charge. Everyone is welcome, however I would recommend starting with age 12 and up, so we can focus on the meditation.

Read more about the festival here

See the Facebook event here.

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