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Smukfest this week in Skanderborg

Smukfest, also refered to as Skanderborg Festival is now in full spead. Like many other festivals in Denmark, the festival takes place in the summer and is devoted to experiencing life outdoors, listening to a variety of good music, spending some time with friends (or family) and enjoying good food. What is there not to like? Many describe the festival as a more hyggelig compared to other such arrangements. 

Even though the dates state it takes place are between the 8th and 12th of August, there also tickets for the particular days. If you by any chance make a last minute plan to come for a day or two, you can either check if there is ticket sale on or ask around if someone is interested in selling you their ticket, as it happens that people's plans change. Especially when they have purchased it in advance.

You can read more about the festival here. 

When: August 8 - August 12
Where: Skanderborg

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