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Extended Burning Ban

Temperatures in Denmark as still on a stable high level. From one side the population gets to make far more outdoor plans, but from another side farmers are generally highly challenged and the municipalities in the country are in a state of higher urgency. Only in the month of June there have been 449 cases of fire.

This situation has extended the burning ban to be valid in all parts of the country until further notice. Read more about the regulation in different areas here. It also means that we all need to be careful with the way we behave when spending time in the nature, as there a higher risk of unintentionally causing fire. 

 Here is a general advice if you are going to spend time in natural areas (taken from an external source)

- Do not throw matches, cigarettes etc. in nature (or out of your car window!)
- Do not park your car in high grass as the motor may ignite the grass
- If you are using barbecue equipment in your garden make sure to have water close by (in a bucket or your garden hose)
- Take note that sparks spread easily when you pour your coal from the grill starter onto the barbecue
- Do not leave your barbecue until it is completely extinguished
- Place your barbecue equipment on non-burnable material
- Keep an eye on the wind as sparks fly easily

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