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Explore the World with Aarhus

June 1st and 2nd, the city’s streets will open up for the cultural and gastronomical travel related feature from all over the world for the event,  ’Verdensbilleder’ (world pictures): explore the World with Aarhus! This year will have a special focus on the world championship for football.

The days are filled with free music and dance, taste different cultures food, and get inspiration for your next travel destination. June 1st you also have the opportunity to shop till midnight with good deals and sales!

At Bispetorvet there will be concerts and other entertainment, where BORA BORA for example are displaying a visual theater presented by the fantastic Italian dance company ‘Il Posto’, where the dancers hang from a crane and dance in the air!

Both Friday and Saturday, DBU and Aarhus city collaborate to bring together a big football setup at Store Tov, where you have the change to play football, participate in competitions, and Saturday night you can watch the live football match between Sweden and Denmark.

Read more about the event here.

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