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Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik

Denmark’s future King, Crown Prince of Denmark, will be celebrating his 50th birthday on Saturday,  May 26th. Festivities to honour this important milestone have already started taking place and will continue through to Sunday, May 27th.

On this day, there will be a televised event entitled, All of Denmark Celebrates the Crown Prince, where the Royal family and other members of European monarchies will come partake in the celebration.

The Crown Prince of Denmark was born in Copenhagen. He went to school in Copenhagen and spent one year in France. He later did his degree at Aarhus University where he studied Political Science. During his academic years, he spent an exchange abroad at Harvard University.  He later went on to take a post as First Secretary of the Danish Embassy in Paris from 1998-1999.

On May 14th, 2004, he married Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary Elisabeth Donaldson. They have four children together.  

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