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Kapsejlads 2018

Kapsejlads is according to the organizers probably one of the biggest university students events of the year in all of Denmark and the biigest student party in Northern Europe. On the day thousands of young people gather to socialize, drink, play games and observe a drinking and sailing competition. Traditionally the different profiles of education gather in order to compete with each other in an odd sport. The teams compete in the speed of downing a beer, running around it, jmping into a boat and sailing the short distance across one of the Aarhus University's campus lakes. As a rule, the university park gets so crowded that is it difficult to see the whole competition process. So, people focus more on the other parts of the event. As you might notice, the event starts early in the morning, people start gathering at around 4 to secure good seats. It does not matter what occupation you have or what age you are, if that sounds like something fun for you, grab some clothes you don't really care about, prepare a raincoat and a water resistent blanket. This year the weather forecast is promising us a semi-cloudy day with a chance of sun and 16 degrees. And if you still feel like partying after the event ends, most of the bars and clubs downtown offer after parties. 

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When: May 4 - 0600 - 18:00
Where: University park Aarhus
Price: Free

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